IMAB Setup v17.10

For secury reason!

For public domain after the installation is complete, please delete this file (setup.php and test-your-server.php) and localhost no need delete it


Please check the configuration of your web hosting? It will work normally when using XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP and default cPanel. If you think your hosting enough to run well this tool, please click 2# Product Activation.

Linux 3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.39.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Sep 17 06:10:33 EDT 2020 x86_64
Apache (public)


Not recommend in public domain, please install in localhost.
We expect not installed on a web server that is used for another web,
this tool is used to create the code, so it obviously could be exploited by black-hacker
and also nodejs, ionic, cordova can not run under hosting/share-hosting.
and you must use different domain to test cross-domain.

We are not responsible if you install the public domain, use it with your risk.

Download XAMPP or MAMP for localhost and better security.
or Ignore this message If you are understand about risk and will protect your hosting with htpasswd/htaccess/leech protection. If you are in doubt, send us a message with username and purchase code (

Disk Free Space26.39 gigabytesFor using share-hosting/non-unlimited hosting check manually, this required minimum free space 100 megabytes for 3 projects.
This tools required 20 megabytes every project. Are you using localhost or free space more than 100mb? please ignore
php.ini => max_execution_time0OK
php.ini => memory_limit512MOK
php.ini => upload_max_filesize512MOK
php.ini => post_max_size512MOK
php.ini => max_input_time60OK
php.ini => max_input_vars5120OK
php.ini => max_input_nesting_level64OK
php.ini => session.use_cookies1OK
zlib extensionAvailableOK
Connect ihsana.comAllowOK = SERVER 2
Connect ihsana.netAllowOK = SERVER 1 (Default)
DIR /projects/WritableOK
DIR /output/WritableOK
DIR /system/class/jsmIonic.phpWritableOK

You will register with server: 1

Status activation: existing activation


If you get status `new activation`, but you already click register button and the result still failed to active. It mean problem with permission files/folder your server.

And status `existing activation` but still failed to active, try again more 2 or 3 times. If still problem, check your purchase code. When problem with internet connection use Manual Activation.

Changing permission files/folder

Permissions are used 777 by including folder and subfolders (option -R / recursive).


Run terminal, type this command:

$ sudo su
$ cd /home/rhwork/public_html/work/emulator
$ chmod -R 777 *


Run explorer, go to /home/rhwork/public_html/work/emulator. Normally, you would access the properties of a file or folder by right-clicking it, then selecting Properties from the appearing context menu. in Tab General, unchecked read-only then click OK

Envato Market

please enter the correct username on market.

The email you will use to contact support

Please enter the correct purchase code, get it here.

Manual Activation

If empty will try to use the automatic activation, if filled please click for get Activation Code

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